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Back Button Focus on my Canon R6 Mark II

As a passionate photographer I love using the Canon R6 Mark II. I'm constantly seeking ways to elevate my craft and capture images that truly resonate. One technique that has transformed the way I approach focus and composition is utilising back button focus. In this blog post, I'll share my journey of discovering and implementing back button focus with my Canon R6 Mark II, and why it has become an integral part of my photography workflow.

1. Embracing Back Button Focus:

When I first heard about back button focus, I was intrigued yet hesitant. Why change something as fundamental as how I focus? But the more I delved into the concept, the more I realised its potential to revolutionise my photography.

2. Precise Control and Flexibility:

What struck me the most about back button focus was the newfound control and flexibility it offered. With my Canon R6 Mark II, I separate the act of focusing from the shutter release. This means that I can lock focus on my subject using the dedicated AF-ON button, then recompose my shot without worrying about focus shifting when I press the shutter button. It's like having a digital darkroom at my fingertips, giving me the power to shape my images with unparalleled precision.

3. Mastering Continuous Focus:

Wildlife, sports, and fast-moving subjects are mmy not subjecta I shoot often, but the back button focus would give me confidence to capture these dynamic moments. By holding down the AF-ON button, my Canon R6 Mark II engages continuous autofocus (AF-C), allowing me to effortlessly track subjects in motion. You can even select people and animals so the camera knows what it needs to focus on! The result? Crisp and perfectly focused shots, even in the midst of action.

4. Minimising Focus Delays:

The instant gratification of photography lies in capturing fleeting moments as they unfold. With back button focus, I've noticed a significant reduction in focus delays. My Canon R6 Mark II is always ready to shoot, allowing me to seamlessly transition between focusing and capturing the shot without any lag.

5. Tailoring the Technique:

The Canon R6 Mark II offers the flexibility to customize the behavior of the AF-ON button to suit my shooting style. I can choose between single-shot autofocus (AF-S) and continuous autofocus (AF-C) depending on the scenario. This customisation empowers me to adapt the technique to various shooting conditions and subjects.

6. Transitioning to Manual Focus:

As a creative photographer, I often experiment with manual focus to achieve a specific aesthetic. With the back button focus, my Canon R6 Mark II simplifies the transition between autofocus and manual focus modes. This seamless switch enhances my ability to fine-tune focus for artistic effects.

My journey with back button focus and my Canon R6 Mark II has been transformative. From unlocking precise control and flexibility to mastering continuous focus and minimising delays, this technique has elevated my photography to new heights.

Through customisation and practice, I've seamlessly integrated back button focus into my workflow, allowing me to capture moments with unparalleled accuracy and artistry. If you're ready to take your photography to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend embracing back button focus and experiencing the remarkable difference it can make!

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